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Contact-us.jpgOur pledge is straightforward. We will close-out and complete your assignment within 3 months from agreement of brief, excluding notice periods or we will not accept the assignment.

No one is infallible, however our Search Consultants have one of the highest satisfaction rates for head-hunting and search in this industry - and we have filled some of the most challenging positions in Europe and all over Africa. This requires us to understand, analyse and act on your requirements quickly, continually and discretely. We combine advanced listing and profiling methods with expert and incise knowledge of the individuals our clients want to hire.

We build our competency-based assessment on the actual discipline we are recruiting for, and complete formal interviews with selected applicants. Our listing procedures enables us to act quickly and reduce the time to recruit significantly. This, and our willingness to work outside normal office hours, is what gives our client's HR Business Partners and Global Heads the edge in recruiting high-level, management capability or specific Life Science specialists.

Past work has included recruiting new departments from the Director down, and we have engineered new departments with complimentary personalities for several vacancies closed out simultaneously.